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Develop a plan for the better golfer inside of you

Become a Complete Golfer

Improve All Aspects of Your Game


Develop a better technique to increase margin for error and improve your ability to solve your golfing issues

Skill Development

The next frontier in golf improvement – use simple drills to improve your game using the latest in motor learning science


Find out how to improve your personal performance on the golf course through attention manipulation – guaranteed results


Find out how to take your A-game to the course and prepare/peak for tournaments effectively.


Swing Analysis

Send a video of your swing taken from a camera, tablet or phone. I can analyze it, and in conjunction with your common faults, we can work out a plan of action to make positive changes.

Making a better swing goes a lot deeper than simply looking pretty. I understand this, and will ensure that your swing changes are done at the right times, in the right amounts, and for the right reasons – mainly FUNCTION.

We will work together to improve your ability to produce your desired ball flight, with greater technical consistency. I will also suggest practice drills/task led exercises which complement the changes

Practice Scheduling

If you want a lot more from your game, allow me to create a practice schedule for you which takes into account your goals, stage of learning, stages of the season and what YOU NEED.

This is great for low handicap players looking to take the next step, Tour players looking to maximize their work efficiency, younger players looking for a year long plan to increase their chances of becoming a college player, or even for every-day players who are looking for more constructive ways to practice and learn quicker and more effectively.

As the author of “The Practice Manual”, I can promise that you won’t find a more in depth and powerful plan anywhere else.

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