What would it be like to be guided by me, personally, to the best golf of your life?

Well, now you can have exactly that, with my 8-week online-course.

I’ll personally (live presentations and interactions) take you through a step-by-step program to achieve your best golf ever. At the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll be hitting it better than ever AND able to self coach, allowing you to continue your improvement even after the course has finished.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels year after year and want to finally make a change in your game, this is perfect for you.

Course Starts JULY 10TH

The course starts on July 10th and runs through August 28th. Ideally, you will go through the course in the order presented, although it’s possible to complete the course on your own timeline.

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“Feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will feed for a lifetime”

One of the main goals of this program is to teach you how to teach yourself. By improving your understanding, ability to identify and rectify issues AND improving the processes by which you learn, you’ll see improvement in the 8 weeks that will continue for life.

4 skills of golf


We leave no stone unturned – I show you how to fix every issue in your game.

From clubface direction issues, club path issues, shanks/toes, fats/thins, angle of attack and even swing speed – you’ll be left hitting it longer, straighter and with better distance control.


Learn how to fix specific issues with technical changes.

For each problem in golf, I show you the range of technique/movement solutions available, helping you to build your ability to self-correct. We explore match ups, and develop our own “If X fault, then X technical change” algorithms.


Don’t just fix your game – develop it!

Through my uniquely designed level-based skill-development exercises, you’ll also improve from a motor-control perspective. Build your golf-feel, allowing you to become a much more complete player. Great technique PLUS great skill = reaching your true potential.


Not only do I show you how to structure your season – I actually do it for you.

I draw up your own personalized plan based on your average practice amounts, showing you how to effectively spend your time. You’ll have PDF drill books and your own schedule to follow, breaking down the different parts of the season.


Be the best you can be at the right time.

As the 8 week course unwinds, I’ll show you how to get your game in the best shape possible so you have the greatest chance of peaking performance. We’ll go through on-course strategy and game-management, to help make the most out of what you bring to the table.


Through a unique mix of presentations, lessons, live interaction (with Adam Young), tasks and drills, you’ll get to work with one of the best golf coaches in the business right from the comfort of your own home


Through video presentations and workshops, you’ll get to learn the best information in a unique online setting


Comment on the material and get feedback and interaction from myself and other group members


Each week, you’ll be set specific tasks to improve your skill-sets and develop your game



Introduction – understanding my coaching philosophy and gathering data from your own games to help set up the rest of the 8 week course. We also explore how to effectively practice, by the guy who wrote the book on golf practice.



Understanding the relationship between results, ball flight laws and impact laws.

Learning the technical elements dealing with clubface control, as well as the skill drills needed to develop this vital aspect further

OUTCOME = better control of direction



Learn the art of striking ball-then-turf.

Understand all the options available to you in order to quickly fix any issues, such as fat or thin shots.

OUTCOME = longer shots, more consistent distances, more greens hit in regulation



Learn everything you need to know about striking the sweet spot more often.

Identify what your current skill level is, as well as having a pathway to improve this, and an understanding of your technical options to fix any errors.

OUTCOME = longer shots, more consistent drives, fewer disasters



Learn how to control your club path.

Minimize the curvature on your shots, or learn how to curve the ball intentionally – this week will give you everything you need to know to put the finishing touches on your directional control.

OUTCOME = straighter golf shots and an ability to shape the ball



Maximize your distance.

Learn to launch the driver better to get the most out of the speed you have – as well as ways of gaining even more speed. With distance being such a big factor in our scoring, adding an extra 20+ yards can significantly lower your scores.

OUTCOME = longer drives and irons



Learn about angle of attack and dynamic loft, as well as the relationship between the two (spin loft). Understand how to change these for different lies.

Learn effective practice strategies and how to structure your season to get the most out of your improvement and performance.

OUTCOME = manage varying lies, trajectory and performance



We finish the course by learning how to prepare for tournaments.

We focus more on short game and on course strategy/game management in order to get the best out of what we have right now.

OUTCOME = peak for tournaments and score lower

Course Starts JULY 10TH

The course starts on July 10th and runs through August 28th.

Limited places available – BOOK YOUR SPACE NOW – see below for options


✅ All presentations/workshops

✅ All task sheets and workbooks

✅ All Question and answer sessions

✅ Personalized practice schedule created for you

✅ Keep the information for life

✅ Ability to comment on the material and interact with your coach, Adam Young


Reserve your spot here $297


✅ Everything from the GOLD course plus

✅ A weekly swing analysis by Adam Young, showing you personally how the information relates to your movement, and the movement drills you should be practicing

Support/feedback throughout the week – keep sending me videos of you doing the drills so we can adapt/adjust/refine


Reserve your spot here - $997


I’ve paid – how do I access the course?

Please CLICK HERE only if you are a paid member

What is the date of the course?

It starts on the 10th July 2022 and runs until August 28th 2022


What times will the course be presented?

Presentations will likely take place on Sundays at 4pm EST, although this is subject to change. However, it’s ok if you can’t be there, as the presentations will be recorded for your viewing at your leisure.

Adam Young will be in the group almost every day to answer your questions.


What if I can’t make it on those times, or if I have a vacation in the middle of the course?

Not a problem. While it would be more ideal for you to go through the course as it is presented, the sessions will be recorded and all comments/questions/information will be available throughout the entire course and even after it has finished (however, if you want to ask questions about the course material, this must be done during the 8-week course timeline).

You will be able to download the course materials (for your own personal use) at any time during the 8 weeks.

If you are a platinum member and you have to miss a week, you can have an extra credit for the swing analysis, which can be used at a later date of your choice.


I don’t understand the pricing

The price is a single payment. Gold members pay $297 as a single payment. Platinum members pay $997 as a single payment. There are no extra payments needed.

Due to the nature of this course and the amount of personalized interaction, the course prices reflect this.


How much time do I have to commit each week?

As much as you want – the more the better. I want you to be engaged, ask questions and, more importantly, get better. I’ll try to keep the presentations a concise as possible – as to give you the best practical information without taking too much of your time.

I would say that a minimum of 1 hour a week reading/watching the course materials and interacting with the group, as well as putting the information into practice at your range/facility/home net. Some people will do a lot more, and some will just dip in and out at their own convenience.


Can I really get better online?

I’ve helped thousands of golfers achieve better golf with my online programs. Last year’s 8-week course was a great success, with many players hitting their personal best scores within the program.

I personally believe that this format, with the interaction directly with myself, will greatly benefit you.


How do I access the course?

You will create a username and password with (if you don’t have one already). Please make sure you use a good (real) email address so I can notify you of new information.


I have more questions – where can I contact you

Feel free to shoot me an email at and I can answer any other queries you have.