Adam is definitely one who commits to continuous learning and making a difference. He believes that the coaching of the future in golf will include much more than just technical knowledge.”


Lynn Marriott & Pia Nilsson

Co-Founders VISION54


You hit a shot left out of bounds on the last hole of a tournament to lose it by one shot. A Swing teacher tells you that your issue was caused by a clubface being closed to the swing path. A biomechanist tells you that your centre of pressure went forwards too soon. A psychologist tells you that the pressure of the situation got to you and you self-sabotaged. A fitness expert tells you that your glutes are weak, which caused you to lose your posture, causing the club to come under plane and create the hook. A club fitter tells you that the shaft is too weak for you and kicked too early/late. A nutritionist tells you that your blood sugar levels dropped due to the stress, which caused a lack of concentration.


Adam specializes in coaching, which encompasses more than just technical elements. While Adam has a deep understanding of swing mechanics, he also understands that we are a product of our perceptions, training, physical attributes, concepts, emotions, equipment, environment and nutrition.

Through a constant search for knowledge in all areas, Adam is able to connect the dots and sees the bigger picture. Adam is internationally recognized as the leader in practice plan design for golfers of all levels, improving golfers through tasks, drills and technical assistance to achieve their ultimate performance.

With thousands of hours of teaching experience to all levels of golfers, from elite to rank beginner, Adam has a unique perspective on learning this insanely difficult game.

A passion for teaching and learning, Adam has studied everything from motor learning research to brain function. He combines knowledge in many different fields to make a more coherent picture of the golfer. Adam possesses a sound understanding of the technical elements of the swing, yet understands that great golf is much more than just the way you swing the club.

Adam currently teaches golfers the importance of developing skill as well as technique, and builds their games as a whole – including strategic and psychological strength. Adam’s theories are cutting edge, utilizing much of the newest research in the field of learning. He presents them in an easy to understand way that will make you revolutionize how you learn the game.

Adam has worked at some of the top facilities in the world, including the Leadbetter Academies and the World famous Turnberry Resort. He currently teaches at one of Europe’s most prestigious resorts in La Manga Club, Spain. He is also Author of “The Practice manual – The ultimate Guide for Golfers”, a bestselling Golf book on Amazon.