The Greatest Golf Training Aid

This could be one of the simplest, and greatest golf training aids ever created. 

I posted a quick video clip of me using it, and social media had a meltdown. Over 2000 retweets of people begging to have one, as well as countless comments, likes and shares on Facebook and Instagram 

Whether you’re looking for a golf gift for someone else (or yourself), or just want to get some seriously productive practice in during the winter months, this is going in my “must-have” pile for golfers.


There’s Nothing More Important Than This

Contacting the ground in the right place AND hitting the sweet spot are so important that I dedicated a whole educational program around these concepts.

Watch the video below if you want to learn how important they are.

And while knowing how to do the above is a big key to learning quickly, that whole process is expedited by accurate feedback.


Enter The Divot Board

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the inventor of a device; he said he wanted to send me some to test. I agreed, and just thought it would be one of those aids that gets dumped I my garage, filed under “not putting my name/reputation towards this”

But when the device arrived, I took one swing and called him.

I have to get this device in the hands of as many golfers as possible” 

I told him.


What Does It Do?

It’s pretty simple really –

  1. You place the ball on top of the yellow spot
  2. Then you make a swing, trying to contact ball then turf. In other words, making sure the sole of the club first contacts the ground on/as close to that yellow spot as possible. The mat changes color in the location where the club first contacted the ground. The feedback is clear, vivid, accurate and brilliant.
  3. To refresh, you simply wipe the board the other way, ether with your hand or the clubhead.
  4. Then repeat – then improve.


Amazing Feedback

The device really highlights your issues. For example;

If you hit it fat, the divot will start too far behind the yellow spot

If you hit it thin, the divot will be too far ahead of the yellow dot

If you hit towards the toe of the club, your divot will be closer to your feet.

And if you hit towards the heel of the club, your divot will be farther from your feet.

This allows you to either make conscious corrections. Or, as I have seen, the feedback alone is enough for your unconscious to guide you in the right direction. 

Feedback like this has allowed me to see ground-contact improvements of 50%+ in as little as 5 minutes (based on inches struck behind the desired spot). For example, if someone’s first few swings strike 3 inches behind the spot, within a few minutes they are striking within 1.5 inches or better. And with repeated use, the accuracy and consistency of the player skyrockets.

Sure, you can do these things without accurate feedback, but I’ve seen first-hand players learning 10X quicker with amazing and instant feedback like this.


It’s Perfect For

If you could do with hitting fewer 

  • Fat (duff)
  • Thin
  • Blades (or topped)
  • Heel (shank)
  • Toe

Shots, then this is for you – so basically anyone not yet at a tour-pro level is going to dramatically benefit. 

And the beauty of this is, you don’t even need to hit a ball!

While I recommend using a golf ball with the device (as the brain links up the information better), if you don’t have the ability to hit balls, you can still improve your ground contact skills, as the device registers even when making practice swings.

This makes it perfect for winter-golf improvements, or lockdown practice. 

It’s also great if you do a lot of practice on range mats.

Typically, players get away with striking behind the ball on a range mat (as it just bounces up and gives the player a false-sense of competence). However, when using the Divot Board, even though a fat shot is more forgiving than on grass, you’re going to see your error visually.

golf fat shot range mat

No more getting away with the “range mat bounce”

So it stops you ingraining bad shots and getting away with poor strikes. 


Product Durability

Products like this are always going to suffer from a bit of wear and tear – even your golf clubs get scratched up. 

However, for a product that’s getting pummeled but a lump of metal moving at close to 100mph, the Divotboard is about as durable as it gets.

I have, in the past, bought a cheaper version of the concept – but the feedback wasn’t as clear/vivid, and the product would often be damaged after 100 swings. 

With the Divotboard, the inventor is conservatively estimating 2000 swings of functional use – but he even has testers still going strong after 6000 hits. 

And there’s also the ability to buy replacement hitting strips, making it a much more viable option for my students and my lesson tee.


How High Does It Sit?

A lot of people mention that it sits on a board and thus the ball is higher than your feet.

This is perfect as it simulates the real game better.

When you stand on grass, typically the ball (which weighs less) sits on top of the blades of grass, while your feet sink into the grass more (as you weigh more). Thus, having the ball slightly above foot level is better to replicate the on-course situation.

So no worries there.


Want One?

So click the link below to learn more about the product, and make sure to get it now as stock is dwindling quickly. 

golf divot board training aid