How Far Should I Hit My Driver?

How Far Should I Hit My Driver?

Want to find out how far you could/should hit your driver? Read on.

I recently wrote a blog post on the three components of distance, which were;

  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Spin rate

You can read that blog post HERE.

So this begs the question; if everything is optimized, how far could I hit the ball with my driver?


Speed Limits

While launch angle, spin rate and strike can be fully optimized for everyone (via technique and club-fitting), we are ultimately at the mercy of how much speed we can produce.

Someone with 90mph of clubhead speed is never going to carry the ball 300 yards under normal conditions.

With that in mind, just how far could you be hitting the ball if everything is close to optimal based on your swing speed? See the table below.


Please note, the above table is based on rough carry distance at sea level. Depending on ground conditions, a different launch and spin may produce different total distances.

These are also optimal carry yardages.


Are You Optimal?


Well, it is very likely that you are not. The only people I have seen hit optimal launching drives are myself and a handful of others – this is because I have worked intelligently at improving my launch conditions.

max AOA

These numbers were taken using Trackman

The vast majority of golfers, professionals included, are hitting sub-optimal shots (regarding maximizing distance). While a pro can get away with this due to having such a high swing speed, the average amateur needs every bit of help they can get.


Here we see McIlroy and Garcia – similar swing speeds

We see that Garcia is losing quite a bit of distance with his low launch and high spin rate. McIlroy, however, is getting much closer to optimal. These photos were taken from 2013 – I believe McIlroy is even closer to optimal now.


Get Measured

Go and find a teacher with a launch monitor, such as Trackman.


These devices measure the club and ball interaction and can help you identify how close to optimal you are, and (more importantly) where you are losing your distance.

For example, Trackman can tell you your swing speed as well as how you are launching the ball and what factors are contributing to those launch conditions. This allows you to quickly rectify them (under the supervision of a qualified coach).


How Do I Become Optimal?

Why not check out The Strike Plan. Through the techniques and drills, you will understand how to;

  • increase your launch and ball speed
  • reduce your spin

in order to get you closer to optimal. On top of that, your accuracy and consistency will improve due to less lateral gear effect caused by off-center hits.

CLICK HERE to find out more about The Strike Plan

Raise The Bar

You could also go the route of improving your swing speed.

One of the best ways I have found to increase swing speed effectively is training with the Superspeed golf training system. By using over-weighted and under-weighted clubs, you can pick up a good amount of swing speed (via neuromuscular conditioning) to help get you into the next category.

superspeed golf


Combined with improved technique, this can be a powerful combination. Click the above image, or click HERE to find out more about their system.


Distance Summary

So, now you know, based on your swing speed you have the potential to hit X yards carry. If you want to hit farther, we have to get closer to these optimal numbers and/or increase our swing speed.

Again, if you want to become more optimal for distance (as well as improve your iron play), check out The Strike Plan by clicking the image below.

Strike plan enter


  • Gregg Mewett

    Hey need help ASAP! Gone from a 7 to 14 handicap I last 3 years. Over thinker! I need to simplify.


    • admin

      Hi Greg,
      Read my article “Dirty Golf” to get you stated –
      The best success I have had with players in your shoes is via the nail drill. In my program, “Next Level Golf”, I show you how you can use the drill to simplify thoughts, swing mechanics etc as well as improve almost every impact variable – often with one single thought. You can learn more about Next Level Golf here –

  • Rob Kedgley

    Hi Adam
    Am new to the program and it is already making a huge difference to me !
    I have an indoor simulator and practice every day but poor grasp of concepts and chasing technique has really held me back & knackered my body!
    One q I have is that I can get close to 100mph with my regular shaft driver but only 92 or so with stiff shaft.
    If all else is equal with launch angle and where I hit on the face, what one is better for me?
    thanks Rob

    • admin

      Hi Rob – all else being equal the shaft that provides the faster speed will be better. Really, the test will be in the ultimate end direction and distance. See how much longer it goes. If dispersion is more-offline, then weight that up with the extra distance. Generally, for every 20 yards you hit, this would allow you to miss 4 more fairways and still be better off (in terms of strokes gained).

  • Emily Cox

    Hi I’m a 50 yo woman, just broke 80 for the first time. I see a lot of your material is for the average male. Any chance you could comment on female average swing speeds? Just bought your book, listen to The Sweet Spot every week. I would love to hear some perspective for women if possible. I’m thinking of doing NLG I’m a 13 handicap and my swing speed for driver is 80mph and irons 75.

    • admin

      Hi Emily – the stuff I write about/create is based on physics and geometry, so is not gender based. It will be relevant whether you are a male, female or alien swinging a club. Your swing speed is good, and my plans would be relevant for you.

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