I’ve built a library of golf improvement programs that appeal to a wide range of players with different needs.

The only issue with this is that it’s sometimes hard to decide which is the best program for you.

This page should help you better understand the differences between the programs so you can choose the right one.

At A Glance

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The strike plan was designed with one main goal – to help players

STRIKE The Ball More Like A Pro

achieving longer distances, better distance control and better/more consistent drives.

This is achieved by

✅ Improving face strike – fixing heels/toes/shanks

✅ Improving ground contact – fixing fats and thin shots

✅ Improving driver launch conditions via strike and angle of attack changes

✅ Making the movement pattern more consistent


The program is a 3 hour long VIDEO SERIES and is suitable for both analytical and non-analytical players.

If you tend to miss your shots more short or long (mis-strikes) then this is the perfect program for you.

The Strike Plan is a single payment that gives you access for life.

The Accuracy Plan was designed with one main goal – to help players

Hit Straighter Shots More Often

achieving better left/right control, more fairways, greens in regulation and fewer out of bounds shots..

This is achieved by

✅ Improving face direction –¬†fixing left/right errors

✅ Improving club path – helping to change the amount of shot curvature

✅ Improving strategy – allowing you to pick correct targets based on your shot patterns

✅ Improving motor-control – though skill drills that allow you to fix issues quicker


The program is a 3 hour long VIDEO SERIES and is suitable for both analytical and non-analytical players.

If you tend to miss more of your shots left/right through slices, pulls, pushes or hooks, then this is the perfect program for you.

The Accuracy Plan is a single payment that gives you access for life.

Next Level Golf was made to be an

All-Encompassing Library of Golf Content

looking at every aspect of golf, from;

✅ Impact physics

✅ Swing mechanics – understanding how the swing relates to improving your ball flight, as well as making the movement more consistent

✅ Fault Fixing –¬†allowing you to fix any issue with the library of drills

✅ Match-ups – understanding mechanical options and why different swings work

✅ Skill-development – improving motor control through unique drills, allowing you to improve your feel through science-based methods

✅ Strategy – shooting lower scores through more intelligent play

✅ Game-management – learning how to control your game on the course, and when to implement certain changes

✅ Psychology – everything from routines, philosophy, emotion management, goal setting, focus and more

✅ Training – how to structure your practice, games and drills to help transfer your best golf to the course

✅ Short game – learn techniques/drills and philosophy on all the short shots around the green

✅ Coaching processes – transfer the mind of one of the best teachers of the game into your brain. Understand how to make changes in a logical and effective way

NLG is like all of my programs combined – it currently has over 70 hours of VIDEO content.

Due to the in-depth nature of the content, it’s only really suitable for a real golf-geek who wants to dive into all the intricacies of the game. You don’t have to be a good golfer to enjoy NLG, you just need a desire for deep information.

NLG is a monthly/yearly subscription

The Practice Manual – The Ultimate Guide for Golfers was designed with the main goals of helping players to

Learn Quicker, Practice Better and Think Differently

achieving better long term growth in your improvement.

This is achieved by

✅ Understanding what actually creates good shots.

✅ Understanding the learning process, how the brain learns, and how to hack it

✅ Learning new exercises that go against the grain of everything you have ever learned

✅ Learning how to structure your practice by different practice types and seasonal cycles

✅ Learning how to peak for events


This is a BOOK – so obviously suitable for readers. While it tends to favor more analytical golfers, everyone will get something from reading it.


I’m torn between The Strike/Accuracy Plan

Ideally, get both! You have all bases covered then (left/right/long/short).

If you have to pick one, base it on the following

  • If you tend to miss more long/short though poor contact, pick The Strike Plan
  • If you tend to miss more left/right with slices, hooks, pulls or pushes, pick The Accuracy Plan

I decided to make them separate plans so I could charge less for each one (rather than have a more expensive plan that includes both aspects). It also allows players to be more a la carte.


I’m torn between NLG and one of the “Plans”

If you’re looking for a more to-the-point practical program, go with one of the plans. It also suits people who just want a one-time fee for lifetime access.

If you’re very analytical, want access to 70 hours of content going into incredible detail, then NLG is the right program. However, it is a monthly subscription (albeit a lower price).


Are all the products basically the same?

Each product has a very small amount of crossover information.

I designed each product to work well together, or as a completely stand-alone product. This makes it easy to buy ONE or ALL of the products and get a lot of new info each time.

Next Level Golf would be the only exception – as it covers all of the information I have in each product, just in much more depth.


I’m not a good golfer, can I still do NLG

By all means, yes!

NLG is suitable for all golfers – you just need to enjoy in-depth information. I suggest my plans to some pros, and NLG to some higher handicappers. The main thing is your desire for deep information


I like your blogs/info, but am not sure about your programs

If you’ve ever liked anything I have done that was free (blog/video/ebook etc) then you will love my paid programs.

I save my best stuff for paying members – that’s only fair to them.


Is this just like all other videos I can find online?

Not at all!

There’s a reason why my book was an international best-sellers and my programs have sold so well – the information is incredibly unique.

Im one of the few instructors in the world who sees the game as a combination of mechanics AND skill development. As a result, my drills are very different to anything else you will find.

Also, the explanations and visuals I use to demonstrate certain concepts in my programs are second to none.


Can I really get better online?

I’ve helped thousands of golfers achieve better golf with my online programs. I personally believe in everything I do (or I wouldn’t do it).

My programs can help anyone get better quicker – often incredibly fast. But as with everything, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

One thing I will add is that my programs focus on fact based info. I.e. if you change X you will very likely see a change in your outcome.


I have more questions – where can I contact you

Feel free to shoot me an email at adam@adamyounggolf.com and I can answer any other queries you have.