I know what everyone is thinking

What is this joke? No one can gain 55 yards.

But it’s no joke – and I have the data to prove it. Besides, you clicked on this so you obviously need more distance, just like I did. No one likes being the “short hitter” in the group – but the good news is that everyone out there stands to gain a massive amount of yardage.

I coach golf for a living, and I consistently help golfers achieve their longest driving distances with this info – all without improving their strength/power.  


How This Started

I had a great passion for this game and became a pretty decent amateur. I got down to scratch in 3 years of playing and I had dreams of turning pro.

Just one problem.

During a big amateur event, I competed against a guy who had just come back from college golf in America (I’m British); he was built like a line-backer.

He ended up beating me 6 and 5 – I was one under par when we walked off.


David Versus Goliath

He was simply playing a different game.

I remember one par 4 where I hit a driver off the tee and then a 5 wood into the green. The same hole, he hit driver then wedge. It just wasn’t a fair contest.

I was driving the ball out there 230 yards, and he was pummelling it 100 yards past me on occasion.


I Just Couldn’t Compete

Looking at the tour players, they were all hitting it so far it was obscene. I checked my driving distance and compared it to the tour stats – I would not only have been dead-last, but by a massive margin.


Nothing Worked

During the next year and a half, I tried everything to gain distance. I had lessons, spent all my money on the latest drivers and read every golf book I could find. Nothing worked.

Sound familiar?

I even hit the gym.

After gaining 20lb of muscle (I was quite skinny to start with), not only did my swing speed hardly budge, but my distance didn’t increase either.

I had to face it – I wouldn’t be able to compete with the top guys as I simply didn’t hit it long enough.


Enter Physics

I eventually went into teaching golf (those who can’t, teach – right?).

I loved it; it was a new challenge but I thoroughly enjoyed helping players get better quicker. I studied as much about the game and the swing as I could, and I even looked into the physics of impact.



Then I Found It

The answer to increased distance was held within simple laws of physics. In fact, it wasn’t complicated at all.

And after a few tweaks to my swing, I was able to gain 40 yards of carry distance. Within a week, I was up to 56 yards extra in the air.

And I wasn’t swinging the club faster!

comparisonThe chart shows carry distance (red circle) of 216 before, and 272 after. The blue circle represents total yardage (258 before, 296 after).

Not only that, but through these improvements, I would now be the most efficient driver on tour, getting 2.66 yards of carry per mph of clubhead speed. That’s more efficient than Justin Thomas (2.6/mph).


Launch It

This does not involve getting stronger – but getting smarter.

I simply optimized the launch conditions of the golf ball through technique, and as a result, I increased my distance to a respectable tour average.


By changing launch parameters alone, you can dramatically increase distance.


How Did I Do This?

If you want to know what I did to improve the distance so dramatically, just enter your email below and I will send you a link detailing how you can add yardage to your game.

Through the golfers I measure daily on my lesson tee, most are leaking at least 30 yards, if not 50 or more. You have to remember, I was already a pro when I added this yardage – if you are a handicap golfer you potentially stand to gain more.


About the Author

Adam Young is a World-renowned golf coach and author of the international best-selling golf book on amazon, The Practice Manual – The Ultimate Guide for Golfers.

Having worked in many of the top golf facilities in Europe and America, Adam now resides in Santa Barbara, California, where he helps average golfers and golf professionals improve their games.