Golf Is Simple

Golf Is Simple

Golf Is Simple!

I conducted a thought experiment where I asked myself

“what’s the simplest I could reduce golf to, while still maintaining perfect function”?

In this quick article, I show you what I came up with.

What Is Essential?

First up, we have to ask, what is ABSOLUTELY required to hit a great golf shot?

The answer always lies in impact. ALWAYS.

golf impact is the most important part of the golf swing

Without a good impact interval, the shot will not be good, no matter how pretty the swing.

With a good impact interval, the shot will always be good.

So what do we have to satisfy at impact to hit a great shot?

Elements of Impact

the most vital elements are

🟢ground contact

🟢face contact

🟢face direction

when those are satisfied,



🟡attack angle

🟡dynamic loft

will help to optimize the shot further.

So how do we get all of these with the fewest thoughts/tasks?

Reducing Complexity

Well, if I said

Hit this spot, with speed, in this direction

Imagine the spot is beneath the ball, and the ball is resting on it.

This one task alone can create

🟣perfect ball-turf contact

🟣perfect face contact

🟣with great AOA and path

🟣with speed

Next, if I asked the person to do it

With this face orientation

It would create

🟣functional face angle

🟣functional dynamic loft

Single Phrase

So, the single phrase of

Hit this spot, with speed, in this direction, with this face orientation

is possibly the simplest you can boil golf down to. Yet, it encompasses everything you need to play great golf.

Do it, and you are GUARANTEED a great outcome.

Simple, Not Easy

Now, I never said it was easy to do – I just said it could be simple.

I hope you stop and just consider the concept for a little – if you do that simple task, you will achieve a great outcome.

Or, to put it another way, any time you hit a poor shot, something has been missing from that task.

When you consider golf in this way, it becomes a lot easier to fault-find and correct.

I hope you’ve found this thread helpful, or at least thought provoking. What are your thoughts? What do you like/dislike about this as a concept?

Learn More

If you want to take your game to the next level and find out all the ways that you can improve your ability to do this task (as well as make golf simpler for yourself), make sure to check out my improvement programs below.

One Comment

  • Dean Davison

    Adam, I like the concept and its inherent criteria to examine the critical elements in a mid-hit. I would like a similar simple concept for Driver. Thanks, for all you do Adam
    P. S. How do you like HackMotion as a tool to improve “the Face Orientation” in your concept?
    Dean Davison

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