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Golf Hacks is the very short E-book that will show you 9 unique ways to knock shots off your game.

These short and easily implementable tips, or ‘Hacks’ are tried and tested ways to guarantee to make you a better player. By improving a little bit in each of the following areas, it adds up to your best year of golf ever.

These areas are


Fix slices and hooks in a flash


Add yards to your drives and smash it past your buddies

Distance control

Hit it pin-high more often to score lower


Improve your course management by eliminating a few mistakes which 99% of amateurs make


Hack your brain and start improving confidence and ability under pressure.


Make some small changes to the way you practice to see BIG success

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I want to get the word out!

I guess you are asking the question “How can I give away such great info for free? Well, I want you to play better golf. I want EVERYONE to play better golf.

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“I can’t believe this is free. I have already played my best round ever, and it has only been one week since I read it

Play YOUR best Golf

Hack down your Handicap

This book is a nice short read. Packed full of great info; it can be easily read in an hour or less. Read on your mobile device or desktop.

And I believe that each ‘Hack‘, or tip has the potential to knock 1 shot off your average score, if not more. Use them all and we have a powerful combination. 

At the very least, this book will save you 3-5 shots per round, and IT’S FREE!

“Get Ready to play your best golf EVER