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Golf Hacks is the very short E-book that will show you 16 ways to knock shots off your game. These short and easily implementable tips, or ‘Hacks’ are tried and tested ways to guarantee to make you a better player. By improving a little bit in each of the following areas, it adds up to possibly your best year of golf ever.

These areas are


Improve the technical elements which correlate the most with lower scores


Improve your course management by eliminating a few mistakes which 99% of amateurs make


Make some small changes to the way you practice to see BIG success


Keep your game going all the way to the end by fueling your body correctly.


Hack your brain and start improving confidence and ability under pressure.


Drop shots off your score in record time by improving your ability with the short stick

Why am I giving this away Free?

I want to get the word out!

I guess you are asking the question “How can I give away such great info for free? Well, I want you to play better golf. I want EVERYONE to play better golf.

So all I am asking in return is that you share this page on twitter, or on facebook. You can do both if you want, but you will need to do at least one to get the book.

After that, simply pop your email address in the subscribe box, and I will send you an email with the E-book ASAP.

YOU win, I win, we ALL win

“I can’t believe this is free. I have already played my best round ever, and it has only been one week since I read it

Play YOUR best Golf

16 ways to Hack down your Handicap

This book is a nice short read. Packed full of great info; it can be easily read in a couple of hours or less. 

And I believe that each ‘Hack‘, or tip has the potential to knock 1 shot off your average score, if not more. Use them all and we have a powerful combination. 

At the very least, this book will save you 3-5 shots per round, and IT’S FREE!

“Get Ready to play your best golf EVER 

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