How to Draw the Golf Ball in 2 Easy Steps

How to Draw the Golf Ball in 2 Easy Steps

Everyone wants the supposed holy grail of a draw shot (forgetting the fact that Nicklaus, Watson, Hogan etc all faded it). But, if you want it, let’s give it to you, in 60 seconds or less.


Before We Read On

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Step one

You need to get the club moving in to out through impact. Like shown
The red line represents the target line, the white line represents the path your club might take through the hitting area. Warning – don’t overdo this too much. The top pros hitting draws are maybe 3-5 degrees in-to-out, tops.

Step Two

You need to get the clubface looking between the swing path and the target at impact (Typically mid way – although this depends on the club and distance hit).
Get your club swinging on the white line and your clubface pointed in the shaded area at impact and we will draw the ball (with a centered strike)


The more closed the face is to the path (the more left it is), the more left the ball will start and curve.


Any Drills?

Imagine (or get one) a block of wood on the floor. Aim the block of wood slightly to the right of the target. Imagine hitting the block of wood in the direction the block is aimed. If you are to get the toe of the club to hit the block of wood first, this is an action which would curve the ball left in the air.
swing into the block
4Enter toe first
Try to do it in slow motion at first until you can visualize it clearly. If the ball has too much curvature left, feel as if the clubface comes in flatter to the block of wood. If you need more curvature, feel as it the club comes in more with the toe first.


We are not trying to hit the ball with the toe end of the club, but the toe will hit the wood first if the clubface is closed to the path.
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