Want to take your game to the next level?

Tired of quick-fix tips that keep you in the same spot?

Next Level Golf is a serious program for serious golfers. With detailed information on advanced topics, you can be sure you will be getting the best quality coaching advice to give you life-long improvement.

International best-selling author, Adam Young, expands upon the topics in his book “The Practice Manual”, and gives practical applications/advice to help you reach your golfing potential in every area of your game.


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Find out how to identify exactly what you need to do to shoot lower scores, as well how to do it, how to make the changes, and how to get your new skills to transfer to the course under pressure.

You’ll be able to take full control of your own game and become your own best coach.


Learn technical information that actually relates to your ball flight issues.

Understand how to directly influence the ball flight to achieve straighter, longer shots with better distance control. Delving deep into the mechanics of impact like never before, you will be able to achieve quick successes that last.


Learn from the coach who wrote the book on skill development for golfers. Advanced motor learning concepts are discussed, with practical advice for your own game.

Take the science of motor learning and allow it to improve your game. You’ll be rewarded with quicker, longer lasting improvements that hold up under pressure.


Understand how your thought processes affect your learning and performance.

Get a deeper insight into YOU and what makes you tick. Learn how to find your own best mental game-plan, so you can take advantage of rapid learning and better performances when you need it the most.


Shoot lower scores through smarter play.

Using the latest information on statistics and shot-patterns, Next Level Golf shows you how to play better without having to change your swing. Become a more intelligent golfer, and beat the course with brains instead of brawn.


Practicing hard but not seeing results?

Next level golf will make YOU WANT to practice. Through fun and engaging exercises, your practice sessions will become supercharged learning sessions that actually work. You’ll be able to track and see your improvement through quantifiable games. THIS is the next-level.


While most golfers are reading quick fix tips that never last, you’ll be delving into some of the most high-end golf information available to every-day golfers.

Deep topics are explained in an easy to understand manner, using engaging video presentations. This is coach-level information accessible to amateur golfers.

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Through identifying your faults, knowing what to implement and how to best train it, you can create the ultimate golfing version of YOU.


Understand impact like never before. Being able to relate your ball flight to the club-ball interaction is vital in making effective changes.


Learn about the body movements and how they influence impact. Learn the techniques to increase speed and make your swing perform more like the pros – without having to dramatically change your movement


Learn drills to practice at the range to improve your skill. Through games and exercises, your training will be more fun and productive.


Rather than magazine style quick-tips, NLG looks at the lesser-known areas of golf improvement that can hold the keys to you reaching your next level of play.

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Over 20 hours of initial content in the library, with topics ranging from speed creation, impact factors, optimal training, motor learning principles, games/drills, game analysis, and strategy.

A step-by-step structured approach taking you from A to Z in your golf knowledge. The aim is to give you coach-level information so that you can become your own best teacher.

The program is split up into modules with bite-sized videos that you can digest in your lunch break – 5-20 minutes each.

The program is laid out in a way that you can go through it at your own pace, digesting each module in a time-frame that suits you.

I take you through the methods I use when assessing players for the optimal intervention to best improve their game.

If you are an advanced golfer, or just an absolute golf-nerd, this is the ultimate program for you.

Watch on your mobile, your laptop or your tablet – you can be learning to play better golf everywhere!

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