What's The One Thing All Golfers Must Improve?

Adam Young, golf coach and best-selling author, identifies the one thing that all the best golfers do that makes them so good, in this FREE video series.


✅ What is the “one thing”?

✅ Exactly what you need to change to make your shots better

✅ How to fix a shank or toe shot instantly and find the sweet spot more often

✅ How to straighten out your slices and hooks in record time

✅ How to shape the ball at will with a swing-path “hack”

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The One Thing

What’s the most important part of the golf swing?

In “The One Thing”, you will learn exactly what all the best players have in common that makes them so good. The great news is, every single amateur can improve this “one thing”

Improve Performance

Increase distance

Improve direction

Improve distance control

This FREE course helps you do all the above, resulting in more greens/fairways hit and lower scores (not to mention taking money off your playing partners)

Sweeter Strikes

We all know how embarrassing it is to make a swing and see the ball ricochet 90 degrees to the right.

The simple drill in this video series helps you to fix a shank/toe shot instantly, and learn to strike the sweet spot more often.

Straighten It Out

how to fix a golf slice

Plagued with a slice/hook?

The clubface drill allows you to turn a slice into a fade and a hook into a draw in record time, so you never have to suffer seeing your shots curve out of bounds

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