Free 5-part Video Series

Normally, this video series in sent to golfers over the course of 5 days. However, here, in the locker, you can watch all the videos at once. Enjoy – I know they will make you a better player.

Part 1 - The One Thing

Part 2 - The 7 Laws

Part 3 - Hit The Sweet spot More often

Part 4 - Straighten Out Your Shots

Part 5 - Control Your Curve


This 5-part course is great – it allows you to see some instant success and positive changes to your ball flight. However, if you really want to take all of this further and get your game in amazing shape, my improvement programs are designed to help you

  • Further refine your ball flight
  • Increase the consistency of your results
  • Give you even greater improvement

Click the image link below to check the programs out and learn more about them.