The video series dedicated to improving the biggest issue for golfers – strike.

Learn how to fix fat/thin shots, as well as toe and shank shots. Lower your score dramatically by improving distance control with your irons, as well as maximizing distance with your driver. If you tend to miss a lot of shots long/short, The Strike Plan is the perfect program.

The Accuracy Plan

If you suffer with hooks or slices and you want to straighten them out, The Accuracy Plan is the program for you.

Learn how to quickly improve direction with irons and the driver, allowing you hit hit more fairways and greens.


If you’re a serious golfer and you are after the ultimate program, NLG is perfect for you.

With over 40 hours of content, no stone is unturned – exploring in-depth topics such as impact physics, swing mechanics, strategy, practice/training, psychology, motor learning and more.

The Practice Manual – The Ultimate Guide for Golfers

The International best-selling golf book on amazon – learn exactly what you need to improve your golf game, as well as when and how to practice it for best results.

Featured on The Golf Channel as a “must-have” book, and used by PGA coaches Worldwide.


I’ve teamed up with and recommend their¬†nutrition-for-golfers plans.

Golfers have specific needs when it comes to fueling their games – and trying to gain muscle or lose weight at the same time can be tricky. Fuel4Golf’s plans show you how to get your body and game in the best shape possible.

Golf Hacks – 16 Tips To Lower Your Handicap Quickly

The International best-selling golf author, Adam Young, offers this simple, quick and easy guide to lowering your handicap.

16 tips to help lower your scores – everything from technique to strategy. An easily digestible read for all golfers.