Strike Plan Testimonials


  • DavidWilts

    I’ve watched countless golf instruction videos on YouTube and nothing prepared me for the clarity of Adam’s teaching. I quickly ‘got it ‘ and I’m literally using two clubs less for the same distance. Contact is better, release is better , smash factor is through the roof simple by following his drills. Cheers mate.

  • Cwynn

    I am 48 years old and have been around the game sinceI as 10 years old. I am currently a TPI Level 3 Fitness Professional and Level 3 Junior Coach. Lately I have been struggling wth my contact. Being a fitness professional I am ver in tune with m body and how it moves some tend to get very technical. After viewing your series on ball striking and the concepts you provided I am immediately striking the ball with precision and not focusing on so much of the swing process but more on the concepts and my body is immediately responding. Thank you for your insights and can’t wait to start emphasizing some of the same strategies in my clients programming.
    Thank you,
    Chris Wynn

  • one4pars

    I watched all the videos thinking it was going to be the same old information, but you provided the drills that make it easy to identify and correct the areas that need work. Within a couple weeks my ball striking has improved and I got my handicap index back down to where it was years ago. Now 51, back down to 0.9 index, was stuck between 3-4.

  • garyglad


    I started playing golf aged 6 and up until my mid-thirties I played off a handicap a few shots either side of scratch. Due to business commitments, I put my clubs in the garage and didn’t play for 25 years. However, I got a real shock when I started playing again last year! I had not realized how hard golf could be despite the advances in equipment. I tried various instructors and read many books but pretty much everything I did made me worse. In fact, my swing looked fine, but my ball-striking was frighteningly inconsistent and only worked well on the range.

    Luckily, I found your book and website last year and things have improved beyond all recognition. The face strike drills were a revelation to me – it had never occurred to me that this would be useful and it sold me on your overall concept of golf instruction. In fact, while pretty much all the drills are fantastic, the low point skills are the high point (!) for me. My ball striking is improving in leaps and bounds and my practice transfers smoothly to the course.

    Thanks for your fine work so far. I wish you many successes in the future.




    At my stage of the game there is nothing more rewarding than good ball striking. It not only greatly improves the ball flight but it rewards the mind with a feeling that I’m playing the game correctly. It’s the single best feeling that keeps me coming back. The Strike Plan gives me the tools to keep making better and better strikes as I learn this difficult game.

  • okiwaii

    I’ve struggled with my golf swing for many years. I’ve shot in the high 80’s and 100 plus. To the point that playing golf was no longer playing it was just plain frustrating. Too many swing thoughts. Too many recommendations. Adam simplified things. No more swing thoughts. Improve skills and technique. What an improvement. If you’re like me, looking for a way to enjoy the game again then I would suggest that you purchase Adam’s plan. It will change you and your thought process. Golf will be fun again. Aloha!

  • Kaufpw

    Enjoyed the course. It was very helpful to have the discussion of all the dynamics of a golf swing then focus on the important components. Shallowing was very helpful. It has opened up my understanding of the swing and improved my game.

  • balajis4

    After watching the strike plan , the best thing that happened was my ball striking . i have now adjusted my stance perfectly to the ball and have started striking the ball with more center contact .Thanks Adam .
    I would like some plan from you on short game , which is my weakness right now .
    once again thanks Adam

  • Neil

    Just working through the Practice Manual and have completed the Strike Plan Videos. These are a really useful supplement to the lessons I’m taking with my pro; the drills for improving contact position on the face and the position at which the ground is hit have made the most difference to me. I was hitting near the heel and didn’t even realise it! I’m really pleased so far and can see a big improvement in my ball sttiking already.

  • Teggelberry

    Best training video ever. focus on the result

  • zwayman

    The best thing about The Strike Plan is the clear explanations of how your striking is affecting ball flight. This makes it easier to self diagnosis and understand what is happening when you strike the ball. This is reinforced by specific drills that Adam puts together for you to take to the real world and get some purposeful practice in.

  • spotteddog1

    My favorite parts were simplicity and the bottleneck off the towel! Also how more moving parts actually made a more consistent swing.Very well presented with awesome drills. After the bottlecap off the towel what’s the problem? None I a long hitting 3 hoc who hadn’t played much in the last 6 years due to work and injury. With your program the feel of my swing was incredible again-the same feelings I had when I was playing my best golf. Thank you Adam!

  • Piccinmv

    The Strike Plan is incredibly informative and set up with visuals/animations that are extremely helpful in explaining/supporting key concepts in the swing. I wish I had this program years ago!


    I will be 77 in August. I was playing to a 13 when I found your Strike Plan video. One of my biggest problems was getting a consistent strike on the ball. Started practicing using a foot powder spray and learning how to consistently make a divot after striking the ball with all of my irons, then I used the dry markers to see where I was striking the ball on the face of my irons and woods. Over a 3-4 month period my handicap went to an 8. Learned how important it was to adjust your stance and distance to the ball to get a consistent strike. I am now driving the ball 230 to 235 and most important I can tell when I strike the ball on the heel or toe of the driver.
    Just ordered your practice manual and looking forward to see additional improvements from the hours I spend on the practice range and video room.
    Thanks, HH

    • Angus

      Where do you get a FOOT POWDER?I have shopped and asked but cannot find one that is a POWDER just INVISIBLE or indeed any other spray that is a powder.HELP!!!!

      • Michael

        Hi Angus, hopefully this has already been answered, but a great alternative is what is called Dry Shampoo. Not sure if available in the UK, but readily available in The Netherlands. Good luck!

        • admin

          Also, in the UK, you can use Daktarin foot spray from Asda

  • maheshmaniuk

    Been using the strike plan videos for last 2 weeks. The videos are very descriptive and explain concepts very well. The skill drills provide a focus for practice sessions and enable even beginners to find ways to make small improvements quickly and improve strike. Like the title says this plan will improve your strike from long irons to driver.
    Thanks for all your help Adam.

  • gaztough

    Adam has changed the way that I think about every aspect of the game, my game has improved massively but I also enjoy golf much more now that it has been demystified. The strike plan gives you all the information you need to hit perfect golf shots and shows you how to really work on your game. Literally one of the best investments you can make in your game.

  • LewWoot25

    Fantastic plan with multiple easy to understand videos and revelations on the correct way to learn. It’s a superb learning tool which has opened my mind to the benefits of task over technique when trying to improve. It massively helps me during my lessons as well, as I try to relate all swing advice back to tasks to allow me to learn and practice more effectively. A great investment for your golf game.

  • alanmorgan

    The strike plan is so well put together that any and every golfer will benefit from it. What sets it apart, in my opinion, are the skill drills that are included. Too often instructional plans focus on what you should be doing without giving you a practical plan to follow to help you along that path. Telling you you need to strike the ground in a certain place is all well and good. But giving you a practice plan that you can follow easily to help you improve that exact ability is the real gold in all this. Can’t recommend it enough.

  • tekbud

    I am a long time golfer of 35 years. 20 years ago my handicap was a +2. Over the last ten years or so golf has become an internal struggle for me barely ever even breaking 80. The lessons in your videos and your book have been eye opening and like nothing I have seen in any other publications, Di have read so so many…. I’m back shooting in the mid 70s with eyes on going lower. Golf is fun again. Thank you sir.

  • Cburke465

    This is a great video series and really a “must have” if you are serious at all about becoming a competent, competitive golfer.

    I’ve been a golfer for 12+ years and I’ve never broken 80. After using The Strike Plan (and the Practice Manual) I… still haven’t (Ha!) but I am playing the best golf of my life and have much more confidence when I play. I was happy just breaking 90 two years ago but decided to see how good I could get if I put in some time and sweat. I have improved my handicap to a 13, with all time low being 12.2 for a couple weeks. Still have miles to go but the path is much clearer to me.

    The best part of The Strike Plan is that it has drills and concepts to practice that really pay off. Many of the drills were new to me and as a notorious swing tip junkie, I felt like I’d just about seen it all. Just work on low point/shallowing one practice sesh’ and center face contact another session, mix up the drills, mix up the clubs you use, keep track of your progression… Simple! While lessons are important, if you never strike the ground in the right place or hit the center of the clubface, what is a proper pivot or a “straight left-arm” going to do? Nada.

    Thanks Adam. Things are looking up!

  • ttaylor272

    I coach high school girls golf team and I teach mostly beginners.
    I was hesitant purchasing the strike plan for some time because I thought it was like all the other golf stuff you see online

    However, Adam did a great job presenting the information and then adding drills to practice.

    great job again. I will now buy the practice manual

  • Tigerbullet

    Just got the plan and I am about halfway through the book. Love the feedback from the foot spray and find the information on how we learn very interesting.
    Good reading. It makes a lot of sense.

  • DeMarco522

    Really happy with The Strike Plan videos. Really well produced and they do a great job of explaining the concepts of how the club strikes the ball. The video on Shallowing helped me specifically explain a concept I completely misunderstood before watching the videos. That immediately led to crispers strikes. Thanks Adam!

  • Scotthfletcher

    The Strike Plan helped me to understand the importance of good strike, exactly what should be happening in a great strike and how to create it.
    A fully comprehensive guide to improving ballstriking for both a player and coach.
    The best bit would be the drills that develop skill and will improve any golfer regardless of where they are currently.
    A must purchase for coach and player.
    Thanks for putting in so much time and effort, Adam.

  • shodes

    This is an excellent program. Adam delivers the information in a common sense fashion in a golf instruction language to which everyone can relate. This program has helped me diagnose and correct during rounds and practice with purpose, together leading to more consistent play. My HCP range has narrowed from 3-8 to 2-5!

  • Tigerbullet

    Like the drills and narrowing down the focus to striking the ball, letting the body self organize. I like trying different shots with different clubs. Played several rounds with nothing but a 6 iron and putter and focused on divot on each shot, it was a lot of fun.

  • snejbjerg

    During the winter months I practiced the impact drills in the strike plan every week into a net. Trying to hit a specific area on the face was quite an eye opener. I’m a heel striker and the ball creeps towards the hosel and sometimes I need to recalibrate, but using the strike plan drills to learn to strike it where I wan’t has helped my game a lot.
    Learning to control the low point with the drills and shallowing the club path has helped me strike the ball a lot more pure than I ever did before. I recommend raking spreadsheets and tracking your progress and I highly recommend both the book and the strike plan!

  • pronicep

    Every part of the videos so make alot of sense to everyone. It is not one method style. This idea is base on scientific and practical..
    So i think this one is the best one for me.


  • Dan W

    I first learned of Adam’s work from his e-book called Golf Hacks. This free e-book offered significantly more information about impact than did Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone. At that point I decided to purchase either Adam’s book The Practice Manual or his video program called Strike Plan. I decided to read The Practice Manual first – and became 100% convinced that Adam’s approach to learning how to hit irons is the best I’ve experienced. After finishing this book I purchased The Strike Plan, which is a high quality video program that provides the tactics on how to teach yourself a better iron game.

    Most of my practice sessions use the tools Adam shares on determining the quality of ground contact and whether or not I am striking the ball near the sweet spot. In addition, Adam effectively explains the new “ball flight laws” , enabling me to guesstimate face angle and swing path without the use of Trackman.

    In the three months after beginning to use the Strike Plan in my practice routine my GIR’s have improved from an average of 8 per round to 10 per round — and recently I hit 13 GIR’s. For the first time I actually have a plan on how to practice before arriving at the driving range.

  • AlexF

    The teachings in The Strike Plan just make sense. Simply understanding the basic concepts explained improved my strike, then I tried the drills and I improved again! I have been through all of the videos multiple times and it seems to give me something slightly different each time depending on where I am with my strike.

  • Adamgray123

    I’ve played golf for around 20 years and got down to low single figure handicap.

    In all those years I have most probably read and watched as much golf instruction as anyone.
    Most of it as you know, contradicts each others methods and tips, or just focuses on making the swing look a particular way.

    This is were the strike plan is very different. Adam teaches you drills on how to strike the ball properly.
    The video goes into great detail without confusing the watcher. The videos are also in a great HD quality and very clear sound.

    The drills used are some that I have never seen and get progressively harder for the more advanced golfer.

    Having the strike plan along side Adam’s book the practice manual really is a game changer.

    If I had to sum up Adam’s teaching’s in a sentence.

    Teaches you how to create your very own functional swing that’s repeatable and reliable.

    Adam Gray

  • vandelay87

    I’ve only just scratched the surface of Strike Plan but I can already see it impacting my game. The face strike and low point drills are my current focus. Even little things like using the dry erase pen has paid big dividends as I can now see exactly why the ball is traveling as it is. Love the externally-focused skill drills as something to actually work on at the range instead of just mindlessly swinging and hoping for the best. Also the alignment stick in the range bucket drill revealed a massive amount of head movement which I’m currently working on. Also looking forward to picking up the Practice Manual soon.

  • Jakub

    I have watched the videos over and over again – each time I pick up something new to help my game. The information is presented in such a great order and Adam manages to take some really complex bits and make them simple to do. Some of the drills were a little challenging at first, but I have definitely seen improvement in my ability to do them, and my scores are reflecting. After spending a lot of money on other golf products, this one has to be by far the most effective and best value. The information in the shallowing module was so new and gave me immediate improvement. I have never seen that information presented anywhere before, and I am a golf geek who has consumed everything out there. I cant recommend this product enough.

  • Drmargolis11

    I love and hate golf. I play 4 days a week and practice for an hour daily. Making improvements in my game is very important to me and there is no better way than an external focus. If you want to get better you should check out the drills in the strike plan. I have read the book and do the drills, Adam is a good golf coach.

  • cjennings

    Lots of useful information on what actually affects where shots end up. Really good simple drills to change strike in a more natural manner rather than trying to artificially alter swing by trying to get into specific positions.

    The videos and book have given my practice real focus and direction

  • samsy1613

    The best complement I can give for the Strike Plan is that ever since I have bought it I have been trying to convince my golfing buddies to check it out. I thought I was a decent ball striker but what the strike plan did for me was dispell my delusion and then give me simple accessible drills to improve. the Low point videos are genius. I now can self coach my own swing without worrying about technique. Cheers Adam!

    • Ajtumwater

      The strike plan really gets you focused on drills that are not jus mechanical but more about getting to the right spot, the low point. It will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and grow your game!

  • Toby130672

    I find the videos shown a good presentation about how to hit the ball, there are numerous exercises to make my training meaningful. I was surprised how big the scatter of my hit areas are and how hard I still have to practice to get better. In my opinion the money in the course is very well spent. Looking forward to better results.
    Thanks Toby

  • MattHamer

    The Srike Plan drills are simple, make sense and get me focused on what matters at impact. From pitches to hitting the driver, they are helpful and insightful. I can feel more confident, not worrying about where everything is or should be in the swing and just get to the fundamental part of the swing – the strike.

  • dingding1028


    What the strike plan does differently then other golf tutorials is to focus less on mechanics but emphasising the external factors. Its simplified the golf swing for me to a level where i dont have to think about 1 million things during the swing. I definitely recommend it to anyone passionate about golf.

  • GDPolo

    Hi Adam, I am now into week 5 after subscribing to the Strike Plan and reading your blogs : result driving the ball better than ever, handicap cut to 8.5 from 10.4. Everyone is asking what I have changed, answer my coach and the best money I have invested in golf. The journey has just began!!
    Cheers Gordon

  • meekhout

    It’s all so simple and logical! I focus now on the point where the club should hit the ground, and Trackman tells me I’ve a negative angle of attack, so I’m hitting down on the ball. If I hit the mat before I hit the ball I don’t even bother to analyse the reason why the ball doesn’t fly as intended. Concentrating on the feedback (which is the key to learning) I’m now much better able to feel whether I hit the ball on the toe, heel, bottom or middle of the clubface. This concise course focuses on the essentials of ball striking, highly recommended!

  • jgillbham

    I’m still just getting started with the plan but already appreciate the “external” focus instead of internal focus on bio-mechanics. When I stick to the drills instead of thinking about holding my wrists a certain way, keeping my head down, etc. I do better.

  • Drachir7

    In a world of golf that is saturated with less than useful information, Adam separates himself with “The Strike Plan.” Most of the information saying “use this … to putt like Spieth” or ” “put your hand like this to drive the ball like Dustin Johnson,” are not always helpful for the average/amateur golfer. The difference with Adam, is that he focuses on the fundamentals and concepts that drive PGA players to perform the way they do. While techniques and mechanics can improve your golf game, the concepts are as or even more important to understand in order to lower your handicap. I am lucky enough to be working with Adam at his current location where he stresses these concepts. Since I have worked with Adam, watched his strike plan, and read his book I have been improving everyday with performance training and practice. The strike plan offers more than concepts and techniques but also helps you to increase your golf IQ that will in the end help you to improve your scores. Adam is a dedicated teacher and has separated himself from all those other quick fixes by stressing the understanding of the concepts that will ultimately help you improve. I would and do definitely recommend “The Strike Plan” to all the golfers out there that want to improve their performance and their golf IQ.

  • Whitetiger

    The Strike Plan is excellent! The quote ” Do the drills and get the technique for free,” was worth the price of the program alone in my opinion. I use information from the Strike Plan and (Adam’s book The Practice Manual) every time I practice and oh by the way, I just qualified for the Florida Senior Open by shooting 71 at Timacuan Golf and Country Club!

  • scratchdreamer51

    For years I have struggled at this four letter game GOLF. Trying to copy great players swings and using endless tips has had very limited success.
    Your book “The Practice Manual” and the “Strike Plan” video had taken my game to a new level. I am more confident on being able to strike the ball consistently and if a problem appears I can realize the issue and in the majority of times,correct it. Thanks for this enlightening series. It is making golf enjoyable again.

  • Angus

    Hi Adam.Have the Strike Plan and Practice Manual.Just thought I would let you know how much I am enjoying and benefiting from your teachings.
    I have been working on face strike,divot position AFTER the ball and delayed release as improvements to be made before the golf courses are dry enough.
    Just back. from the range,face strike was within a 1.5 ins circle at the correct height with 4 different irons using strike pads,accuracy was generally very pleasing at all distances from 50 – 140 yds. and distances maybe averaging 10 yds further except with SW which was 5yds.
    The driver stats were not so pleasing with face strike favouring the heel,fading maybe 40yds not helped by the stiff cross breeze.This fade was reduced to 10-20yds by playing for a slight draw carry was just over 150 yds which needs working on because even as a 74yr old it needs to go further as do my hybrids if I am to get an acceptable number of GIR,s
    Many thanks,


    hi Adam. i went through Practice Manual but hesitated to buy in Strike Plan for a while. i was so technical at golf swing and fitness but no improvement. i decided to buy in Strike Plan, things become easier and result getting better day by day. Thank, Bro

  • David Spence

    Vastly improved my iron game! My focus is no longer on the back of the ball but the front. This has resulted in ball contact before low point, improved shaft lean and better dynamic loft. Very simple, non-technical external focus. I am extremely confident in all my irons. Thanks for such great course! Highly recommend it!

  • Keith venables

    Why is the price in usdollars.

    • admin

      Hi Keith – whatever currency you use, it will convert from dollars to that currency. For example, $60 would be around 48.18 GBP (at the current exchange rate).

  • Peter

    I have been practising the drills in Adam Young’s Strike Plan. They really do work! I am already seeing a step change improvement in my strike quality and consistency.

    As a bi-product my tempo and release have improved as well! I assume that this is because my brain is more confident in the strike so helping the micro movements to act with more fluidity?

    Thanks Adam.

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