Right On Target

Get ready to take your game to the next level, with the most comprehensive guide to hitting straighter golf shots.

International best-selling author, Adam Young, takes you step by step through the concepts, techniques and skill drills that will get you hitting the ball more accurately, with this HD video series.

Check out the trailer below – and scroll down further to learn more about the program contents.

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“Why did my shot do that?”

“What do I have to do to fix my slice/hook?”

This module answers those questions and more, taking away the frustration of not knowing what to do to improve.


Using a unique method of measuring your shots, you can identify your patterns – leading to improved strategies and lower scores without changing your swing.

You will also learn to read the ball flight like a coach, so you can pick the right change to implement – fixing that slice or hook in record time.


Build your toolbox of fixes, so you are never stuck with a poor shot pattern for long. Develop your swing mechanics to improve your golf in the long-term.

I show you my top drills for improving accuracy and fixing direction issues (including my favorite drill of all time) – based on my tens of thousands of hours of coaching experience.


Don’t just fix your game – develop it!

Improve your coordination and feel through incredibly unique exercises. Learn how to shape shots at will, as well as calibrate straighter shots – so you become more adaptable AND more instinctive.


Monitor your game and track your improvements with simple PDFs.

Train more effectively so that your new found skills transfer easily from the range to the course – where it matters!


Be the most intelligent golfer in your group – helping you score lower through brain power.

By understanding stats, targets, target areas, aim and alignment, you can play golf like a chess grand-master. When combined with a deeper understanding of your shot patterns, lower scores are heading your way.


Understand why all the top players look/move in different ways, helping you decide what parts you should and shouldn’t copy.

We look at guys on tour who fade the ball, as well as draw it – so you can gain a deeper understanding as to what really makes an accurate golfer.


PROMOTIONAL PRICE – won’t last forever

Buy here $49.95


Through a unique mix of animations, videos and drills, you will be set on the path to more accurate irons and drives.


Through stunning visuals, you will gain a deeper understanding of the task, leading to quicker improvements in your technique and skill levels.


Learn about the body movements and how they interact with the path and clubface, so you can create the shot shape you desire.


Powerful skill drills you can use on the range, at home with a net, or even on the course to see dramatic improvements in both technique and coordination.


Lessons to solidify concepts and see it in action. I take you step by step through changing your swing for the better.


PROMOTIONAL PRICE – won’t last forever

Buy here $49.95


Revolutionary visuals, drills and technical understanding

Over 30 HD videos in more than 8 different modules, this program takes complex concepts, breaks them down and then simplifies them for you.

With an overload of information currently out there with no real structure, people are craving a logical step-wise plan of action to take their games to the next level.

“The Accuracy Plan” is this program.

The program is laid out in a way that you can go through it at your own pace, digesting each module in a time-frame that suits you (even during your lunch).

With over 240 minutes of video broken down into bite-size chunks, you will get an incredible amount of information, drills, techniques and stunning visual concepts for a fraction of the cost of a golf lesson.

Watch on your mobile, your laptop or your tablet – you can be learning to play better golf everywhere!


PROMOTIONAL PRICE – won’t last forever

Buy here $49.95


Fix your slice/hook and develop your game to become a more accurate player – shooting lower scores and get more enjoyment from the game.


Hit more greens via a tighter lateral dispersion


Get more consistent control of your direction – especially with the driver.

Big Numbers

Make fewer “big numbers” – lose fewer golf balls


Fixing that slice or snap-hook can lead to longer shots too


Develop versatile skills as well as better technique


Make lower AND more consistent scores


Your Golf Partners Won't Know What Hit Them


PROMOTIONAL PRICE – won’t last forever

Buy here $49.95