Swing It Like A Pro

How you swing the club and move your body is important to reaching your potential, but there’s so much conflicting information out there.

International best-selling author, Adam Young, takes you step by step through the movements and mechanics of the pros – identifying what the best players in the World have in common.

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Look at the swing through the lens of an instructor, understanding how we move from one phase to the next.

Understand how earlier movements can affect later patterns, delving deep into cause and effect and seeing how it all fits together.


Using the incredible GEARS software, we can take an in-depth look into the movement of tour-level golf swings to see what their commonalities are.

We learn what’s truly important in the swing when it comes to improving our performance.


Learn how different movement patterns create balance in the swing, or “match up”. Why does Dustin Johnson, swing it differently to Tiger Woods?

This can help you avoid making huge changes to your swing, when a simple, smaller change may have achieved the desired result.


As well as looking at what’s vital for elite-level golf, we also look at what’s not.

All players swing the club differently. The Swing Plan takes this into account and explores which parts of the swing can be more open to interpretation – helping you to stop going down rabbit holes and changing things unnecessarily.

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The deeper you know the golf swing, the more you are able to self coach.

The Swing Plan helps you understand how certain movements can aid/inhibit a good quality impact. This allows you to make changes that will actually produce better outcomes – not just changes to make a swing “look better”.

Golf swing P8 to P9


Everyone wants it!

Why can pros hit the same shot over and over with seemingly effortless repeatability? In The Swing Plan, we explore movement patterns that can help make you more consistent and make the game easier.


What good is knowing what to change, if you don’t know how to change it?

Not to worry – The Swing Plan also shows you how to make an effective movement change, and how to get rid of the roadblocks stopping you get there.


Through a unique mix of animations, videos and drills, you will be set on the path to a more efficient and effective golf swing.


Through the amazing GEARS 3D software, we are able to take a look at the golf swing like never before, seeing things that a camera can’t show.


It’s not just about pretty positions – we also have to know how to move into those checkpoints. The Swing Plan goes through all of this, showing the dynamics of a great golf swing.


Movement drills you can use on the range, at home with a net, or even in the office without a club, to help change your technical patterns.


We even delve into advanced topics, such as body rotation, pressure shifts, shaft shallowing, swing plane and much more!


Revolutionary visuals and technical understanding

Over 10 hours of content in 16 different modules, this program gives you everything you need to know about the golf swing.

With an overload of information currently out there with no real structure, people are craving a logical step-wise plan of action to take their games to the next level.

“The Swing Plan” is this program.

The program is laid out in a way that you can go through it at your own pace, digesting each module in a time-frame that suits you.

With videos broken down into bite-size chunks, you will get an incredible amount of information, techniques and stunning visual concepts for a fraction of the cost of a golf lesson.

Watch on your mobile, your laptop or your tablet – you can be learning to play better golf everywhere!

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Understand the golf swing as well as a world-renowned coach


Learn the most important check-points to hit in a swing


Understand how we get from A to B


Learn what applies to you and your swing


Improve your swing for performance, not just aesthetics

Self Coaching

Learn what to change and how to change it



Who is this for?

The Swing Plan is for technique junkies.

If you find yourself working on your swing mechanics a lot and want a step-by-step guide, then this is perfect for you. With Adam’s deep understanding of what is and isn’t necessary in the golf swing, combined with 3D data from some of the best players in the World, you can be confident that you are following a sound philosophy.


Is this a “swing method”?

We all know that even the top pros each have a unique swing. So this isn’t about copying a single model. It’s much more than that. It’s about understanding the common traits that the best players in the World have, as well as understanding how the movement relates to function.

We even explore why players swing it differently, and how it’s OK to be unique within certain parameters.


How is this different to your other plans?

The Strike Plan is much more focused on the topic of improving strike – so if you suffer with fats/thins/heel/toe shots, or just want to strike it like a pro more often, this is a better plan for you.

The Accuracy Plan deals more with improving left and right dispersion directly. So if you suffer with slices, hooks, pushes, pulls, and you want to hit it straighter (or learn to shape shots on command), then this is a better plan for you.

With The Swing Plan, this is a much more movement focused program. We’re looking at building an overall more repeatable, stable and functional swing pattern. It’s great for those with a more long-term developmental outlook, or for those who are just very interested in swing mechanics.


I have your other plans, is this different?

Yes, very. This is a great complement to the strike and accuracy plan, but also works great as a standalone product. While there will be a small crossover in information, the majority of the information is brand new and presented in a different way.

Buy here $59.95