Ultimate Winner Announced

Ultimate Winner Announced

This week, the winner of The Ultimate Golf Makeover is announced. This winner was selected from the email list, and will win

The winner of the competition was………

Gene Reilly

Congratulations gene, I will contact you via email soon, and we will arrange to get everything sent to you.


And if you weren’t lucky

It’s ok, you can still get yourself the products to make your game better. Simply click the pictures below to learn more about the products.

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Get a copy of the Best-selling book and take your game to the next level. Featured on the golf channel, and topping the charts across the globe, The Practice Manual is the Ultimate Guide for Golfers.




Practice plan

Get yourself a personalized practice plan from the author of the best-selling golf practice book. With drills to suit your level of play, and a personal schedule, you will have direction and purpose to your practice like never before.

Never waste a practice session again



fuel4golf email


Get your body in shape with a nutritional plan from Fuel4Golf.

Support your exercise schedule with the right diet. Designed with golfers in mind, lose weight/gain muscle and get stronger to get your game in the best shape ever.






Understand your shot patterns and improve your strategy with the best stats device on the market.

Game Golf Live will record everything you need to know – great for knowing your game inside-out.




ultimate players karl morris

Learn the art of the mental game.

Karl Morris takes you through his incredible Ultimate Players Programme, so you can rely on your mental game to be strong.




swingman golf


Get some speed with SwingManGolf

Long Driver Jaacob Bowden takes you through the steps needed to blast your longest drives.






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  • Denny

    Congrats Gene! The makeover must be really helpful!

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