Why Does My Golf Club Keep Twisting?

Why Does My Golf Club Keep Twisting?

In this short article, I’m going to show you something that tends to shock a lot of golfers – and I’ll keep it short for you.

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One of the most common complaints I get on the lesson tee is “I keep twisting the club at impact”. This complaint usually occurs right after a bad shot that loses a lot of distance. The player genuinely believes that they are twisting the club and causing the bad shot. However, it actually works in reverse.

You see, in most cases, the twisting they are feeling at impact is due to a poor strike on the face (a toe or a heel shot). Take a look at the below pictures of a slow motion club-ball impact where the toe of the club was struck.

Here we see the golf club coming into impact – notice how the face is very square at this point.
In this image, we see the ball has been struck with the toe of the club. The clubface is still very square at this point.
In this post-impact image we see the club has violently twisted open as a result of the toe-impact. The ball has barely left the scene, and the face is almost 45 degrees open.

If you don’t believe these pictures, you can review the actual slow motion video here.


This twisting 

  • reduces distance 
  • can make the shots go unpredictably offline (with bigger-headed clubs like the driver) 
  • and make the impact feel horrible 

Most golfers then try to fix the twisting by holding the club tighter, but this just introduces new issues and can make you lose speed.

Don’t fix the twisting – fix the reason why the club is twisting.

In other words, the next time you feel that twisting, you likely need to improve your strike quality.


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  • Preedee Lati

    Thanks for a good ariticle, i do love your article so much.

  • gourmand

    It’s very well documented. It was helpful. Thank you.

  • Thomas M. Triplett

    I hit the toe but club twists left. Thoughts ?

    • Bornfree Kalunga

      I love this article , As an amateur golfer I have learnt a lot .

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