Winter Golf

Winter Golf

Winter is upon us – it’s that time of year to put the clubs away and let our hard earned skills rot away, only to bring them out and dust them off again next spring.

Or is it?

Winter is actually a great time to see some awesome improvements in your game. In fact, as a junior golfer, I used to look forward to winter in a strange way, as I knew it would be when I could spend more time working on developing new techniques/skills without fear of messing up that big knockout tournament.

If you want to get better at this game year after year, you can’t let winter golf be a backward step.

Without further ado – let’s look at this week’s advice.



A strike drill

What better way to improve your golf this winter than to improve your skill of being able to strike the desired place on the club face? This will result in

  • Increased distance
  • Increased accuracy
  • Increased consistency
  • Better distance control
  • Warm fuzzy feelings inside


My informal research has shown that the average golfer is throwing away a ton of distance simple from face strike quality. Even with modern day forgiving clubs, there is no excuse for not getting better at this vital skill.

strike before

Most golfers know the goal – but the reality is often far from this

My research has also shown that simply an increased awareness of what is happening is enough to spark an improvement – often quite dramatic. So, how do we increase awareness?



The Dr prescribes

Get a can of Dr Scholls footspray (or, for a christmassy touch, you could always use snow spray:) ) and spray the club face.


Hit a ball on the range or into your garage driving net – or if you don’t have one, simply use a whiffle ball (airflow).

Alternatively, you can just hit a few tees with a mark on it. Get a dry erase pen and mark the tee as shown,

tee marker

Hit the tee and check the mark on the face, then wipe away.

tee mark

Repeat – now you can start to build a heightened awareness of what is happening. This increased awareness will automatically start to improve your ability to find the sweet spot.


Plan of action

This drill is one of the many methods of improvement¬†I outline in “The Strike Plan“. Now is the perfect time to start improving your skills and working on the techniques that will get your game better than ever when the new season rolls around. Click below for more details.


Strike plan enter


  • MMdjmgolf1

    Thank you Adam for your continuing efforts to improve our teaching.

    I was amazed today. A 11 year boy’s 1st ever golf lesson. We were indoors on a mat. In 30 minutes he was hitting an 8 iron 115 yards with a smash factor of 1.26.
    I explained that face causes direction and the divot strike must be under the ball. No detailed explanation or instruction was given to him. The change of contact quality, increase in distance, increased trajectory and straighter ball flight was amazing.
    I was so impressed that such a young beginning player could improve so quickly.
    The information in the Practice Manual is the reason for his success.
    Again, thank you so much for your book.
    Mike Mattingly, Chico Ca.

    • admin

      Cheers Mike, thanks for the continued support

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